2022 INMR World Congress

2022 INMR World Congress

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SIKLO was present at the 2022 INMR World Congress, held in Berlin, Germany, between the 16th and 19th of October.
During the Congress, 115 technical articles were presented by professionals from different fields, among which we can mention:

* electrical energy transmission and distribution systems engineers;
* specialists working for medium and high voltage component and equipment manufacturers;
* university professors and researchers;
* specialists in high voltage and high power testing laboratories;
* internationally renowned consultants in the design, operation and maintenance of power systems.

We know that insulators are among the most critical network com1ponents in determining cost and reliability. Although they represent a small portion of the total cost of a work, the maintenance of the insulator usually represents a significant cost during its life cycle. Insulator failure is also a major cause of unplanned outages.

Participating in this congress allows us to know what is being done in the rest of the world about practices for measuring and monitoring levels and types of pollution for a better sizing of insulators, behavior of the electric field, new methodologies for design, type and sample tests, discussions on technical standards, new technologies, etc.