Between September and October 2018, Siklo, together with the commercial and technical directors of Zibo Taiguang, Siklo’s partner in the supply of polymeric insulators to the Brazilian market and the consultant Darcy Ramalho de Mello (events in Recife and Rio de Janeiro) January), were in the states of Paraná, Santa Catarina, Pernambuco, Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo holding workshops on Polymeric Insulators for the companies IG, Fasttel Engenharia, Copel, CESB, CEPAR, CHESF, IE Garanhuns, Neoenergia, Elektro, CTEEP, ALUPAR, STNE, FLOW ENGINEERING, ARPOADOR, CYMI, QUEIROZ GALVÃO, ISA-CETEEP, TBE.

The workshops were divided into two stages:

Presentation 1: Darcy Ramalho de Mello – Consultant

  • Overview of the composite insulator;
  • Evolution of insulators, improvements in materials and in the production process;
  • Manufacturing methods;
  • Evolution of the fabrication of the core and the issue of fragile fracture;
  • Flow distance specification of composite insulators – Pollution;
  • Tests that guarantee the quality of the insulators – Purchase specifications;
  • Care in installation and maintenance.

Presentation 2: Xue Xiwei (Technical Director Zibo Taiguang)

  • Brief presentation of the Factory;
  • History of supplies in China and in the world, application cases;
  • Production process and quality control;
  • Manufacturing methods;
  • Economic aspects;
  • Inspection – Methodology used in China;

Here are links to download the presentation slides:

SIKLO – Presentation of Composite Insulators – Darcy Ramalho – 2018

Zibo Taiguang – SIKLO – Composite Insulators Workshop – Brazil 2018 (final)